Research Laboratory



Laboratory of Telecommunications, Networks and Distributed Systems

The laboratory was founded in 2015 (FEK B 1180/2015) and belongs to the Department of Informatics. It covers the research and teaching needs in the field of Telecommunications, Networks and Distributed Systems in general and special subjects related to its teaching and research subjects. The services provided by the laboratory are the following

  1. Cisco Networking Academy covering the material for obtaining the certification: Cisco Certified Network Associate – CCNA Exploration.
  2. Electromagnetic radiation measurements. The aim and care of the laboratory members is to provide measurements that are technically sound and reliable.
  3. Design and development of web and mobile applications.
  4. Design, evaluation, performance analysis, optimization and management of networks (IP, ATM, 802.11, 802.16, LTE, GSM, ΜΑΝΕΤ, Sensor Networks).
  5. Integration of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) mechanisms into networks.
  6. Resource and traffic management in wired and wireless networks.
  7. Analysis and evaluation of new technologies and protocols (Intelligent Mobile Agents, IPv6, Mobile IP, MPLS, MIH).
  8. Dynamic Network restructuring (reconfigurable networks – SDN – Fog – Cloud).
  9. Efficient management of network energy consumption and SmartGrids.
  10. Design and support of advanced services in distributed- cloud computing environments.
  11. Adaptation of services and applications to heterogeneous network infrastructures.

Academic Staff

Angelos Michalas – Professor

Dimitrios J Vegados – Associate Professor

Spiridon Nikolaou – Lecturer

Research Associates

Emmanouil Skondras
Nikolaos Miridakis
Emmanouel Michailidis
Ζοe Rizou
Christos Chitiris
Cleopatra Gkola